Countdown to Osaka

Written by Joe Hefferon — Crime fiction set in Japan, Korea and other counties of the Far East is gaining in popularity, and even Western authors are trying their hand at probing these cultures’ perplexities. Joe Hefferon’s latest novel is an exciting addition to the…
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CIS: My classics by Joe Hefferon

Joe Hefferon is a New Jersey writer turning what he knows about real detective work after serving 25 years on the force into noir-inspired crime fiction. We reviewed his novel The Last Meridian here, and in November his new book, Countdown to Osaka, hits the…
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The Last Meridian

Written by Joe Hefferon — Author Joe Hefferon spent 25 years in law enforcement in gritty Newark, New Jersey. That experience undoubtedly colored his view of the characters in this, his first full-length novel. It has an engaging female protagonist in a jam who turns to…
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Throwback Thursday

On the Radar — Throwback Thursday is a popular theme on the internet, often involving people posting images of themselves from years ago with outdated haircuts. That, or hipsters repurposing 1980s lawnmower parts to make better coffee. Our weekly new books column, however, has something…
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