Book Club

Sleeping Dogs

Set in and around the Adriatic region, Sleeping Dogs sees Maltese lawyer Spike Sanguinetti tackles another murder case. The action steers back and forth between Corfu and the mysterious and seldom-travelled highways and byways of nearby Albania. Sanguinetti is drawn in to defend a native Corfiote…
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The Lost Swimmer

Written by Ann Turner — Since its release in Australia earlier this month, Ann Turner’s debut The Lost Swimmer has topped the bestseller list of several bookstores, and has received many favourable reviews. It’s not hard to see why – The Lost Swimmer is compelling, original and at…
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Sleeping Dogs by Thomas Mogford

Gibraltan lawyer Spike Sanguinetti is back for a fourth book in this series by Thomas Mogford. Following the violent events of the previous book, Hollow Mountain, Spike is in Corfu to meet up with his legal partner Peter Galliano. He’s taken his curmudgeonly father Rufus…
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SummerCrime: Holiday reads for 2013

Crime novels, with their abundant local colour and detail, are excellent travel companions. If you’re heading to a popular holiday destination this summer, why not load up your Kindle (or your suitcase) with some crime fiction set in the place you’re going to? We’ve picked…
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