Top 10 Nordic noir novels of 2017

They’ve been saying it wouldn’t last for a while now. And that tells you everything you need to know about Nordic noir. Although this year’s crop of books doesn’t have quite the same level of electric spark as last year – when we featured the…
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Written by Thomas Enger, translated by Kari Dickson — Henning Juul is a fearless investigative journalist based in Oslo who has garnered a fair number of enemies in the course of his job. He yokes himself to his work, but nothing can distract him from an uphill personal battle….
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Short wait til The Long Drop

On the Radar — Anyone who read our most wanted books of 2017 feature late last year will know that we’ve been anticipating The Long Drop by Denise Mina for a while. We know that fans of her Glasgow-based Alex Morrow series will also be…
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