Interview: Brian Stoddart

Professor Brian Stoddart is a distinguished Australian academic who has been Vice Chancellor of Latrobe University, Victoria, and is a widely respected non-fiction author. He’s especially interested in the role of sport – and, in particular, cricket – in Australian culture. Now, he has turned…
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Book Club

The Amazing Test Match Crime

We reviewed Adrian Alington’s 1939 hilarious crime novel during Classics in September 2014 where it landed a five-star rating. A shadowy organisation has hired a gang of thugs to disrupt The British Empire, and they’re going to start with cricket. The Professor, Sawn-off Carlo and…
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CIS: The Amazing Test Match Crime

Written by Adrian Alington — Adrian Alington’s break in publishing came during World War I when a fellow officer, who happened to be a partner at Chatto & Windus, asked him to write a novel having seen a satirical play Alington wrote for the troops….
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