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Broken Dreams

Joe Geraghty is a private detective. Asked to investigate a member of staff’s absenteeism by a local businessman, he soon becomes embroiled in a murder case which links back to the Yorkshire city of Hull’s past as a thriving fishing town. Connections to the murder…
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NTN: Interview with Nick Quantrill

New Talent November on Crime Fiction Lover is our effort to get some lesser known crime authors out there. Last week, a review of the excellent Broken Dreams was featured here, adding to the rave reviews Nick Quantrill has been garnering with his debut novel….
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NTN: Broken Dreams

Written by Nick Quantrill — Broken Dreams is the début novel from Nick Quantrill. After coming to prominence online as a prolific short story writer, Quantrill has moved on to a full-length crime novel, taking the talent he showed in his shorter work along for the ride….
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