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Bull Mountain

Brian Panowich’s debut Bull Mountain begins in 1949, and we are in pure redneck territory – rural Georgia. A murderous feud between two brothers has lasting repercussions and by 2015 matters are hardly any better in the Burroughs family. This is a family drama set inside…
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Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich

This atmospheric debut novel set in Georgia begins with an act of fratricide that apparently sets off a chain of violent events over the following decades. It’s 1949 and brothers Rye and Cooper Burroughs are arguing over a proposal to sell the struggling family’s logging…
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8 Hours to Die

Written by JR Carroll — Tim Fontaine is an ex-cop, turned criminal lawyer. Over the course of his two careers he’s made more enemies than he can count, but that’s not what he’s running from as he heads out to the back of nowhere for…
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The Obituarist

Written by Patrick O’Duffy — There are all kinds of self-published crime books appearing. As we are frequently reminded, this means there’s a lot to sift through! However, written by an Australian editor of educational books, The Obituarist is a quirky-but-clever gem of a release….
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