My Husband's Wife

Written by Jane Corry — Two people. One not yet in her teens. Another, recently married, trying to succeed at being both a wife and a lawyer. Carla Cavoletti is a solitary little girl, living alone with her mother in their London flat, and disliked…
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The Spider in the Corner of the Room

Written by Nikki Owen — Written by a Dublin-born author who now lives in Gloucestershire, this debut novel is the first in the planned Project trilogy. The action begins inside a British women’s prison. By any standard Dr Maria Martinez is just a little bit different. First, she is…
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Book Club


Patrick Fort is an anatomy student with Asperger’s Syndrome who stumbles across a crime among the cadavers in his class in Cardiff. He has a death fixation and at first you wonder if he’s got criminal tendencies. We have cadavers and severed heads, a teenage…
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