NTN: Interview with CJ Howell

Last month, indie publishing outfit New Pulp Press released The Last of the Smoking Bartenders by CJ Howell. It’s an intense and incendiary story about a drifter called Tom who’s actually an agent – deep undercover – out to foil a terrorist plot to blow…
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NTN: Rage Against the Dying

Written by Becky Masterman — New talent is inevitably associated with precocious writers who started young and stuck at it. Look at Roger Hobbs, now the proud owner of a CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger for Ghostman, which he wrote while still at college. Hanna…
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Cairn Press and crime

Crime Fiction Lover has come across a new little literary outlet in the form of Cairn Press. Based in Tuscon, Arizona, Cairn’s founders believe that mainstream publishing is inherently unfair. So they’ve set up their own company to publish three good books a year by…
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Written by James Sallis — This is the sequel to Drive and follows hot on the heels of the movie adaptation of that 2005 book, which was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starred Ryan Gosling. Both a tribute to 80s heist movies such as…
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