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Crime Fiction Lover has come across a new little literary outlet in the form of Cairn Press. Based in Tuscon, Arizona, Cairn’s founders believe that mainstream publishing is inherently unfair. So they’ve set up their own company to publish three good books a year by authors who’ve written great things but have struggled to get the attention of the big publishers. Writers like Seamus Scanlon.

Cairn’s first release will be a crime compilation in the form of Scanlon’s As Close As You’ll Ever Be, and it’s coming out in July. The Irish writer, now based in New York, has written a collection of experimental literary noir short stories about an Irish killer and the things he gets up to from the 1970s until the present day. Blood, violence, memories – they’re all themes here, and the writer was influenced by the likes of novelist Ken Bruen and poet DK Gavan. The book’s title is also a Boomtown Rats track.

Sounds like it’s one to watch out for, and we’ll keep an eye peeled for more crime releases from Cairn as and when they happen. You can find out more about Cairn here.

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