The PI Case Files - Part 2

Welcome to the second of four articles we’re presenting, in which we’ll tell you about 12 of the best private investigators throughout all of crime fiction. This week’s feature is an all-American showdown taking us from dusty Montana, via gritty Boston, to rusty Detroit. In…
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Written by Loren D Estleman — For many years Estleman has alternated between writing Westerns and writing his Amos Walker novels. We reviewed the most recent of the latter, Burning Midnight, last year. More recently he has started a new series about the ‘film detective’…
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The Perils of Sherlock Holmes

Written by Loren D Estleman — Estleman is best known to crime fiction fans for his enduring series about Detroit PI Amos Walker. Indeed, we reviewed his latest, Burning Midnight, a few months back. However he’s also a noted Sherlockian, and his pastiches Sherlock Holmes…
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