The Sand Men by Christopher Fowler

As the newspapers tell us, Britain is suffering from poor productivity. But that’s not a charge that can be levelled at Christopher Fowler. He’s a prolific crime novelist, but also a columnist, short story writer, horror author, memoirist and dedicated blogger. As well as recently…
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Murder House: Parts 4 and 5

Written by James Patterson and David Ellis — After three weeks, James Patterson’s serial thriller comes to the end with a double-whammy of installments released via eBook just a few days apart. If you’ve downloaded parts one, two and three of Murder House (all reviewed on…
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Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz

Having interviewed Anthony Horowitz elsewhere and learned of his passion for the works of Ian Fleming – as well as glimpsing his collection of first editions – he seemed to me the perfect candidate to write an official James Bond continuation novel. In recent years…
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CIS: A classic revisited - Vertigo

While an Alfred Hitchcock adaptation was always a coup for any author, ultimately the master’s movie tended to overshadow the book – and that is certainly the case with Vertigo (1958). Hitchcock’s psychological thriller is now recognised as one of the best films of the…
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Wylding Hall by Elizabeth Hand

Having received 5-star reviews on CFL for her crime novels featuring rock photographer and noir anti-hero Cass Neary, a new release from US author Elizabeth Hand is always worth investigating. Wylding Hall also features photography as part of its plot, while music is integral to…
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