Advertising is a dying art

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Murder is a Dying Art by Ed Green front cover

In October, November and December, we’ll be carrying an advertising campaign that’s a bit different.

The Canadian indie author Ed Green has booked one of our leaderboard positions on the site to promote his novel Murder is a Dying Art. “Nothing exciting about that,” you might think. “It’s straightforward web advertising with an image you click on to buy the book.”

Actually, the ad graphic itself will change every single day across the three months, and with each new ad the author will reveal a little more about what’s inside the book. Rather than just one tag line, he’s come up with 92 different phrases which together build up a good picture of what his novel’s about.

You can read more about Ed Green’s book here on our site, or grab it for Kobo here.

Now that we’ve uploaded all 92 images, we’re looking forward to the campaign. At Crime Fiction Lover, we try to authors and publishers the chance to talk to our readers about their releases, whether they’re big names or people just setting out on their literary journey. You can find our more about what we offer here. Our 2024 media kit is in progress as we type…

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