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We’re always on the lookout for something exciting and different, so our news report this week begins with a book that has a fascinating title, and appears to present some twisted crime fiction delights within. Mother-Daughter Murder Night is Nina Simon’s debut and it leads a pack that includes an action thriller from Yasmin Angoe, some dark humour from both Sung J Woo and Laura Picklesimer, and a dark London mystery by JK Flynn.

Which will you choose?

Mother-Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon

Mother-Daughter Murder Night by Nina Simon front cover

Ah, precious family time – when bonding happens and relationships are strengthened. But a simple trip into the great outdoors or a shopping spree isn’t good enough for Lana Rubicon, her daughter Beth and granddaughter Jack. Instead, this trio turn to sleuthing when a body turns up at the sleepy coastal town north of LA where they’re staying as Lana convalesces. She should be taking things easy, but instead the glamorous grandmother pulls on her wig and sets out to find the killer, with Beth and Jack backing her all the way! Mother-Daughter Murder Night by debut crime writer Nina Simon is out on 5 September.
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It Ends With Knight by Yasmin Angoe

It Ends With Knight by Yasmin Angoe front cover

The Nena Knight trilogy comes to a dramatic conclusion on 5 September, when Yasmin Angoe’s It Ends With Knight is published. Nena is a trained assassin, and when her mentor dies she is forced to step up as leader of The Tribe and handle all of the politics the role brings with it – until one of their own is kidnapped and she is the only person qualified for the rescue mission. She’s thrown back in the fray, supported by a new team whose trust in Nena continues to waver. As old fears, resentments and anger resurface, the past and people from it could threaten Nena’s precarious hold on the new life she’s created.
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Deep Roots by Sung J Woo

Deep Roots by Sung J Woo front cover

She’s a Korean American adoptee with an Irish name, and in the second book of Sung J Woo’s series Siobhan O’Brien is about to face her toughest test yet – Thanksgiving. With her lawyer boyfriend Craig, she travels to Minneapolis to be with the extended O’Brien clan, but over dinner the chat turns to a mystery involving one of her relatives. Siobhan determines to get to the truth, while also working for a high-end client – Phillip Ahn, a Korean artificial intelligence genius with his own personal island in the Pacific Northwest, who believes his youngest child is an impostor. As the two investigations begin to intertwine, she uncovers some startling family secrets. Combining humour and mystery, Deep Roots is out on 5 September.
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Kill for Love by Laura Picklesimer

Kill for Love by Laura Picklesimer front cover

Looking for a thriller with a liberal helping of satire? Make a date with Kill for Love, a singular dark comedy by Laura Picklesimer, out on 5 September. Tiffany is a privileged Los Angeles sorority sister whose outlook on life changes dramatically after a frat party hookup devolves into a bloody, fatal affair. Coupled with her sadistic instincts and haunting nightmares of fire and destruction, it awakens in her the insatiable desire to kill attractive young men. As the bodies pile up, she must contend with mounting legal scrutiny, social media-fuelled competing murders, and her growing relationship with Weston, who she thinks could be the perfect boyfriend.
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Vengeance by JK Flynn

Vengeance by JK Flynn front cover

When a wealthy sales executive turns up dead in an alleyway, DS Esther Penman quickly realises there’s more to it than simple homicide. With links to a missing London stockbroker, and his firm on the brink of launching a new medicine worth billions, there’s plenty of motive for murder. Penman is fighting to stay sober, and her troubles aren’t helped by the fact that she’s seriously pissed off one of the most dangerous criminals on her patch. As she finds herself dragged deeper and deeper into a murky world of corporate espionage and black market dealing, it isn’t long before Penman gets the unsettling sense that she herself is becoming a target. Vengeance by JK Flynn is published on 1 September.
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