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Alife Marsden mysteriously vanishes one night in a dense wood on the border between Wales and England in Matt Wesolowski’s latest. He is searched for and never found. After 30 years, the boy is declared dead. Fast-forward to the present day and true crime podcaster Scott King receives a mysterious letter claiming there is information about Alfie Marsden and King decides to get to the truth of the matter. Written as a podcast transcription in six parts, Wesoloski has created a new and terrific form with his Six Stories series. The variety of interviews and voices create a Rashomon-effect as we, along with King, sort through the various accounts of what really happened that night and in the subsequent years. Great fun and an addictive narrative. The supernatural elements, along with the personal stories told through interviews and monologue, make this a delicious read. Read the full review here.

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