First look: Two Lost Boys

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twolostboys875Guilty or innocent? It’s the eternal question whether you love Nordic noir, cosies, Golden Age or some other strand of crime fiction. And it’s at centre stage in Two Lost Boys, the first crime novel by LF Robertson, which is due out on 16 May next year. We’re the first site to bring you a look at its front cover.

Author Linda Robertson is an attorney who has spent two decades appealing death penalty convictions in the United States, and here she writes what she knows. In her story, brothers Marion and Emory Hardy are due to meet their maker for kidnapping, raping and murdering two prostitutes. Death row appeals lawyer Janet Moody discovers a series of mistakes made by Marion’s previous lawyers. She knows her client was up to no good, but she’s not convinced he’s behind the murders. Moody herself is suffering the grief of her husband’s recent passing.

And what do you think of the cover design? It seems to have a soft yet tangible life and death feel to it, with the fusion of a wintry black and white image and a more optimistic spring sunset. We think there’s a hint of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood about this one, and Titan Books have high hopes for the release.

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