Welcome to New Talent November 2016

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ntn-2016-logo-courier_300Can you believe it? This is the sixth straight year that we’ve devoted a whole month on Crime Fiction Lover to new writers, and to indie and self-published crime fiction. You’ll be in for a treat as we look at the best debuts of the year, new talent to watch out for, a selection of self-published crime novels to taste, and even a few curve balls.

It’s going to be a month of fun too, one for people who are tired of the standard focus group tested crime fiction you often get from the big players. For instance, we’re reviewing Bullet Gal, the novel, by the multi-talented Andrez Bergen, and we’ve also got a book on the roster called A Man with One of Those Faces. Check out the cover, it’s great.

amanwithoneofthosefaces300Our sponsors
New Talent November is sponsored this year by two indie publishers as well. Both Bloodhound Books and Orenda Books have earned respect around the world. In just two short years, they’ve come out of nowhere to challenge much bigger and better financed publishers. In our opinion, their secret isn’t just that they pick great books to publish and spot trends early – they support their writers incredibly well. All our readers are urged to check out some books from Orenda and Bloodhound. They are the future. Have a look at their websites here:

Bloodhound Books

Orenda Books

We’re going to have interviews with indie author Liz Mistry, and also with Steph Broadribb – AKA Crime Thriller Girl – whose debut looks like a kick-ass book and is set in Florida. And if that doesn’t grab you, how about Cambodia Noir from Nick Seeley, or The Bogeyman Chronicles – yes, really – by Craig Watson. We’ll even have a feature suggesting places to find fresh crime authors, and the veteran self-publisher Warren Adler will be on hand to reveal why he went independent.

Here are some links to previous New Talent November events – just click the year – 2011, 20122013, 2014 and 2015.

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