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On the Radar — We’re not sure why there’s a lovely cupcake on the cover of our lead book this week, perhaps it’s a secret. It sure looks like a delectable read, though. But if something saltier is more to your taste then read on because we’ve got blood, blood and more blood throughout thanks to the murder cases so lovingly concocted by the rest of the authors featured here in our weekly new books column!

secret300The Secret by Katerina Diamond
This is a book that will have you petrified, according to one blurb. Another tells us that Katerina Diamond is the queen to grip-lit. And as psychological thrillers go, it does sound pretty disturbing. Bridget Reid is being held captive in a basement, and she’s got a secret that could get her killed. Meanwhile, over at Exeter CID, DS Imogen Grey has a secret or two of her on – things she’d never reveal to her colleagues. She and DS Adrian Mills are searching for Bridget and, yes, the trail leads the to abuse, betrayal and murder. On sale 20 October.
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counterfeitdetective300The Counterfeit Detective by Stuart Douglas
Wait! What? There’s a counterfeit Sherlock Holmes on the streets of New York, solving cases and creating a stir? Yes, that is indeed the case in Stuart Douglas’ latest book in his Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series. The real Sherlock Holmes cannot abide it and takes the first vessel he can to Manhattan where he and Watson find their quarry has gone missing and his landlady has been brutally murdered. If you love reading about Holmes in the New World, try it. Available 18 October. Read our review of Douglas’ earlier book The Albino’s Treasure.
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houseofbones300House of Bones by Annie Hauxwell
The cruel murder of a Chinese teenager in Hong Kong, in 1961, somehow links to a strange case 55 years later in London. A 17-year-old Chinese schoolboy on a scholarship has gone missing and his patron, a peer of the realm, claims the case is being manipulated by the Chinese authorities. An addict in withdrawal, Catherine Berlin is set to investigate and travels to Hong Kong to get to the bottom of what seems like a conspiracy. Out 20 October.
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finalseven300The Final Seven by Erica Spindler
In the past this author has seen her novels turned into graphic novels, and even a daytime drama in Japan. The Final Seven focuses on two cops – Micki Dare, a woman detective who feels she doesn’t need a partner; and Zach Harris, a special fellow out of an FBI training programme. Why is he part of the force? Well, there’s a cunning killer out there and it seems that Harris is the only one with the skills to catch whoever it is. A woman has gone missing, and the number seven has been carved into her door… What could that mean? Out now.
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firstorder300The First Order by Jeff Abbott
Maybe this is the action thriller you’ve been waiting for. It’s the fifth book in the Sam Capra series, and Sam believes his brother Danny is dead. In fact, he saw him executed by extremists. Now, Sam somehow thinks his brother is actually alive and – believe it or not – planning to assassinate the Russian president. That would almost certainly result in war, so Sam sets out to stop Danny and save the world. Out as a paperback on 27 October.
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