The Pull List – a new comics zine

PullList01_300Our friends over at Pipedream Comics – a site that honours all that’s good and great about digital comic books – have launched a new zine that wraps together some fantastic articles and imagery. It’s called The Pull List and it even features an ad for Crime Fiction Lover.

Issue 1 is 99p and is delivered digitally. It contains an interview with Leah Moore, who talks about Electricomics, and there’s a feature on The Kill Screen that includes comments from Mike Garley, Joshua Sherwell and Mike Stock. ComiXology is in there too, with its Submit platform and a guide to some of the best up and coming digital comic titles. Plus, let’s not forget David Lloyd the comic artist of V for Vendetta fame…

There’s a free sample of The Pull List online here. And if you enjoy crime fiction in a comic format, do check out the 10 best classic crime comics here.

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