Welcome to New Talent November 2015

NTN_2015_300The crime fiction market would soon grow stale if it weren’t for the constant infusion of new blood. Here at Crime Fiction Lover, we love to discover debut novels. We also enjoy tracking down unrecognised writing talents who’ve got something special to share, and letting you know about these hidden gems. That’s why, every November, we celebrate the new talent on the crime scene.

This is the fifth consecutive year that we’ve held New Talent November and we’re proud to be working with five indie publishers to bring it to you. Please take a second and check out what each of our wonderful sponsors is doing by visiting their websites. They are:

Fahrenheit Press

ThunderPoint Publishing

Britain’s Next Bestseller

Bloodhound Books

Caffeine Nights Publishing


New French sensation Jeremie Guez.

It’s safe to say that all of them are fostering new authors and enabling them not only to reach the bookshelves and the Kindle Store, but also to improve their writing and come up with fresh ideas.

In addition to the work our sponsors are doing, we’ll be bringing you debut, indie and self-published writers galore. We’ll be interviewing the 27-year-old smash hit French author Jérémie Guez, whose first book is being translated into English. You’ll get to meet Abir Mukherjee, a British author who won a competition in the Daily Telegraph and is now seeing his book published by Harvill Secker. And, we have the latest Scandinavian writing duo – going by the pen name Erik Axl Sund – talking about their novel The Crow Girl.

A lot is made of Scandinavian crime fiction, and Scottish too, but we’ve found a wonderful little novel that was written in Welsh and has been translated into English by Gwen Parrott. Tidy! There will be round-ups of new self-published releases, and we’ll look at women to watch in 2016. We’ll also talk to the self-published American author HN Wake whose books look at some of the most controversial topics in the US… including guns!

Hopefully, this preview of New Talent November has got you excited enough to come back regularly during the month to check out what we’ve got to offer. We’re going to cap this off with another shout out to our sponsors, listed above. Thank-you for supporting Crime Fiction Lover and New Talent November.

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