The guilty and the dead

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On the Radar — With over 100 million copies sold, David Baldacci is one of the world’s biggest selling thrilled writers and this week he’s back with a new story for his hitman character Will Robie. Two new books this week feature the paranormal, and we’ve got a French crime novel set in Africa, and a detective of African origin in Yorkshire…

The GuiltyThe Guilty by David Baldacci 
Mississippi. Always hot. Always sticky. Tempers constantly about to snap. Corruption just a scrape away beneath the damp soil. Government hitman Will Robie has left the state behind, but when his father – a judge – is arraigned on a murder charge, Robie has no option but to come back home to Cantrell, MS. The fact that he and his dad have not spoken in decades doesn’t make this homecoming a yellow-ribbon affair. Robie’s search for the truth throws up more questions than answers. Out now.
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The Bone HuntersThe Bone Hunters by Robert J Mrazek
Religion has the power to do great good, but when it takes a whole nation by the throat it can be hugely destructive. The oldest known remains of a human being are found in China, and a new religion worshiping Peking Man threatens to engulf the East. When the Chinese government sets out to nip this in the bud, enter the USA in the forms of archaeologist Lexy Vaughan and retired air force officer Steve Macaulay. The dilemma crystalises into one of political stability versus academic and historical integrity, and it will not be settled peacefully. Available on 1 December.
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The Angel of HighgateThe Angel of Highgate by Vaughn Entwistle
Is there anyone in your family who behaves in a dastardly fashion? That wonderful old word comes vividly to life in this Victorian melodrama about Lord Geoffrey Thraxton and his insatiable appetite for all things forbidden. As the title suggests, the extra character in the book is Highgate Cemetery. Thraxton is drawn to a mysterious wraith who flits between the grave stones and monuments. Crime follows crime, as he burns a toxic trail through London in his search for the young woman who haunts his dreams. Published on 1 December. We’ve previously reviewed The Dead Assassin and The Revenant of Thraxton Hall.
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White LeopardWhite Leopard by Laurent Guillaume
This welcome translation will open up a new audience for one of France’s most respected thriller writers. Solo has left his native France to become a PI in the Mali capital of Bamako. Continents and cultures collide when those two universal currencies, hard drugs and beautiful women, combine to provide a dangerous cocktail. Solo Camara is brutal, dangerous and clever, but he is all too vulnerable. Be warned – the novel is full of explicit violence and graphic sex. Out now.
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The Art of SurvivalThe Art of Survival by Kate Evans
The Art of Survival is set in the sedate English seaside town of Scarborough, on Yorkshire’s rugged east coast. Detective Sergeant Theo Akande has a sackful of mysteries delve into. There is a missing eight year-old, a dead journalist, and a whole ocean full of personal problems for Akande to reconcile. Evans’ 2014 debut The Art of the Imperfect introduced us to Akende and the criminal counterpoint to Scarborough’s tea-rooms and bracing sea breezes. The book is just out in paperback, but in Kindle from 21 November.
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Beyond The Rest Of Us
Beyond the Rest of Us by Andrew Man

The author talks about his latest book in this video, but we can say that the book claims to be both a standalone read as well as part of the Tego Arcana Dei series. The connecting figure is James Pollack, a retired banker. He is susceptible to the paranormal, and has a connection to Europe’s Napoleonic period up to 1814. The present, however,  is a dystopian Europe in conflict with with the MIddle East, and a social and financial system close to disintegration. Can Pollack, with or without his supernatural abilities, arrest the decline? Available from 24 November.
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