Classics in September 2015 – a recap

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CIS2015logostrongpoison200It’s been a nice autumn so far, and hopefully we’ve managed to make it even more glorious for you with our theme month, Classics in September. Each September, we like to remember the finest crime fiction books and authors of years gone by and celebrate the crime-reading enjoyment they bring.

This year, five authors joined us to share their personal classics – Dan Judson, Gunnar Staalesen, Ruth Ware, Luke Delaney and James Craig. We also had a visit from Felix Francis, who told us about his favourite novel written by his father Dick. Our writers explored works by James Sallis, Agatha Christie, Ted Lewis, Dashiell Hammett and more.

sincityahardgoodbye300Hopefully we also pointed you in the direction of a few hidden gems too – like the novels of Australia’s queen of crime June Wright, or the works of Colin Watson, who set his books in Lincolnshire. One of our favourites was a look at some classic crime comics which featured the likes of Alan Moore, Darwyn Cooke and Frank Miller.

Now that we’re wrapping it up, we’ll leave you with a quick guide to all the articles featured in Classics in September 2015. We’d also love to know which ones were your favourites so we know what to cover next year. Please tell us in the comments below.

AndThenThereWereNone300Joe R Lansdale’s The Savage Season revisited
A feature on Judge Dee, the Sherlock Holmes of Ancient China
My favourite Dick Francis novel, by his son Felix Francis
Dan Judson picks his classics here
Top classic crime books adapted for TV
Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None revisited
These are Gunnar Staalesen’s classic picks
The Long-Legged Fly by James Sallis revisited
Have you read the book Vertigo was based on? It’s great!
Discover the Flaxborough novels by Colin Watson
Four classic crime books chosen by Ruth Ware
The Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett revisited
My classics by Luke Delaney here
Discover June Wright, Australia’s queen of crime
Ted Lewis, doomed genius
The 10 best classic crime comics here
Did Martha Grimes re-invent the British cosy?
The Hours Before Dawn by Celia Fremlin revisited
James Craig shares his classics here

To see last year’s classics click here, and for 2013, click here.

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