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crimescenelogo400If you’ve got eight of those English pounds burning a hole in your pocket, keep them warm a little longer if you can. On 15 September, there will be a new magazine on the newsstands called Crime Scene and it’s devoted to crime fiction. At £7.99 in the shops, the first issue will bring you features about the latest crime shows, interviews with top authors, and reviews of books, DVDs and more.

Here’s some even better news – you can get the first issue on pre-order for just £5.

Why no-one’s thought of this before is beyond us, but those clever folks at Future Publishing noticed that crime shows are all over our TVs, and that the publishing industry is raking in about £200 million from crime every year. Plus, they took a look at Crime Fiction Lover and gained even more inspiration – so watch for members of our team contributing to the magazine.


They’ll be loving Crime Scene down on Baker Street.

The Bridge, Sherlock, Fargo, True Detective, Dexter, Ian Rankin and James Ellroy are all promised in the press release.

The talented Rosie Fletcher is at the helm as editor – part of the team that already brings you Total Film, SFX and Comic Heroes. She said: “The crime drama genre couldn’t be hotter right now so it’s an exciting time to be launching a glossy magazine celebrating everything that makes it so compelling. Featuring named contributors and some of the best writers in the industry, Crime Scene is a passionate, in-depth look at one of the most fascinating genres around.”

You can reserve a copy at the special price of just £5 here. Crime Scene is holding an online poll to find out who the number one fictional detective is on its Facebook page. You can check that out here.

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