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LifeorDeath_firstlook_540_01Michael Robotham’s new book has arrived at Crime Fiction Lover HQ and it’s come with a bundle of treats. For Daddy there’s booze, for Mummy there’s chocolate and for Teddy we’ve got a neat little flashlight to play with. But seriously, welcome as these extras are, it doesn’t take much to get us to review a new release from this Australian author. Watching You landed five stars a couple of years back and Say You’re Sorry was one of our Recommended books in 2012.


Let’s take a look at the cover first, because that’s the best way to judge a book, right? I love the simplicity of this jacket. The five scratches are reminiscent of a criminal counting the days until his release, the typography is immaculate and woah, that gold foil deboss for the author’s name and on the spine is a knock-out. Pass me that little bottle of Jack, I need to calm down.


Life or Death is about Audie Palmer, a man in jail for his involvement in an armed robbery that left four dead. He’s about to be released, but one day early he escapes. Why? Well maybe it’s because he knows where the $7 million haul from the robbery is. And maybe some folks outside the prison are waiting for him to get out so they can follow him to the loot. That’s just my speculation but, hey, it’s happened before.

There’s a bit more to Audie than your common or garden armed robber though. The blurb suggests there’s a bit of depth to this fellow. In jail he’s suffered stabbings, beatings and threats from both the guards and fellow inmates. Maybe he’s got a secret or two that doesn’t involve the money.

Life or Death is already out for Kindle, but that way you miss out on the slick cover. The paperback is released on 16 July for £7.19 and the hardcover follows in August. It’s got a sticker on it saying ‘Love it or your money back’ with a Crime Vault web address, so it looks like it even comes with a guarantee. Order your copy here.


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