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takeonewithyou200writerswanted100The indie author Oak Anderson came up with a unique concept when he wrote Take One With You. The idea was that depressed and disgruntled young people on the verge of suicide would form a movement using social media, and swear to take one of their tormentors with them when they committed that ultimate act of desperation. Within this milieu, he set his mystery.

Now the author is inviting other writers to join him to write short stories based on the same idea. “In general, there needs to be a suicidal TOWY killer and a targeted criminal, or the killer could pervert from the original intent of TOWY and target a victim that isn’t deemed worthy and maybe the murder/suicide goes smoothly or maybe the killer fails, the victim overpowers the killer… et cetera,” he explains. “With this in mind, it’s being left to you! A collection of short stories will be put together in one book.”

You’ll find the full rules here, and the good news is that all this talk of suicide will actually have a positive outcome. Proceeds from the book of short stories that results from Anderson’s competition will go to a suicide prevention charity. It doesn’t matter if you write crime, horror, romance, YA or another genre – all will be considered. The closing date for entries is 31 August 2015.

You can read our review of Take One With You here.

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