Bullet Gal graphic novel

bulletgal540There seems to be no stopping Tokyo-based Australian pulp writer Andrez Bergen, the creator of such literary-graphical delicacies as Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat. His latest ongoing project is Bullet Gal, a comic series featuring a hard-as-nails heroine, and an assortment of strange cohorts such as one-eyed cop Bob Kahn and his partner Irv Forbush. They’re the latest to take the stage in a land Bergen calls Heropa – a hardboiled cityscape filled with souls of noir – and the action takes place in Bullet Gal issue 8, just out from IF? Comics. It costs $1 for the digital version and can be bought here.

Or, come March you could take a punt on the Bullet Gal graphic novel. It compiles the first 12 issues of the series and will be available in North America through Under Belly Comics.

tristaandholt200We did say there’s no stopping Bergen’s creativity, and he’s also cooked up a 1970s noir version of the legendary story of Tristan and Iseult. Lining up with the likes of Richard Wagner and Matthew Arnold, who have both adapted the 12th century poem in their own ways, Bergen’s called his comic Trista & Holt. Here our hero and heroine are members of rival crime gangs in an unnamed city. In addition to the noir, according to Andrez Bergen his version is Dada-inspired. Watch the IF? Comics website – it’ll be $5 in print and $1 digitally.

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