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On the Radar — This week the prolific American author David Baldacci provides us with a mystery taking place in the US military which promises some fast-paced escapism. We’ve got historical crime fiction novels set in WWII, the Elizabethan court and Civil War America, plus a nice cosy by Simon Brett to cap it off. Read on and discover the latest crime releases…

The EscapeThe Escape by David Baldacci  
John Puller is an investigator attached to the US military, but his brother Robert is serving a long sentence for treason. John has always had his doubts about his brother’s guilt, but when he hears that Robert has escaped he’s drawn into an uncomfortable investigation. Who helped Robert escape? Is it connected to his unrivalled knowledge of internet security and the nuclear industry? Is the government manipulating John just because they want to take Robert alive? He’s joined by Veronica Knox, but he doubts her motives and feels he’s being sucked into dangerous game from which he will be lucky to escape unscathed. Out in hardback and for Kindle on 20 November.
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The Burning MindThe Burning Mind by Meg Gardiner
Already published in the US under the title Phantom Instinct, this novel tells the story of a young LA bartender, Harper Flynn, who is trying to rebuild her life after a horrific shooting and fire-bombing at the bar where she worked. In the carnage, her boyfriend was killed, and a local cop was severely injured when the building collapsed. The two perpetrators of the attack were also killed, but Harper is convinced that there was a third, and that he was targeting her. A year later the case is closed but Harper wants the truth. Her only ally is the injured cop, and his legacy from that terrible night is a debilitating mental condition, which makes him a distinctly unreliable partner. Out on 20 November.
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Murder In The Queens WardrobeMurder in the Queen’s Wardrobe by Kathy Lynn Emerson
Queen Elizabeth I’s court was renowned for its intrigue, plotting and petty jealousies. The Queen’s spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, recruits Mistress Rosamond Jaffrey to be his eyes and ears near to the Queen’s cousin, Lady Mary. Lady Mary has a suitor who is as unlikely as he is unwelcome – none other than Ivan the Terrible of Russia. In addition to monitoring this threat to the stability of the crown, Rosamond has a more personal task. Her estranged husband, Rob, has made dangerous enemies, and his life may well be at risk, so she must use all her guile and intelligence to keep him from harm. Rosamond previously appeared in the novel Face Down Beside St Anne’s Well, and the short story Any Means Short of Murder. Published on 28 November.
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East End LotteryEast End Lottery by Kim Hunter
Although London’s East End has changed vastly with redevelopment and immigration in recent years, it remains a favourite setting for many crime writers – none more so than Kim Hunter. In her latest we see how a winning lottery ticket affects the lives of several families, bringing betrayal, theft and greed. All that money should be a blessing, but it turns out to be a curse and relatively decent people become warped by the money and its false promise of happiness. Out for Kindle on 23 November.
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Written OutWritten Out by Andrea Frazer
This novella is the latest episode in The Falconer Files, featuring DI Falconer and DS Carmichael. A popular antiques TV show called Get One Over is in Market Darley filming its Christmas episode. With the townsfolk – and some of the local constabulary – jostling to hobnob with the stars of the runaway hit programme, what promises to be an exciting run in to the holiday season turns into a nightmare. A murder is committed, almost under the searching eyes of the TV cameras. Available on 27 November.
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Stone Cove IslandStone Cove Island by Suzanne Myers
Here’s a debut from Brooklyn-based filmmaker Suzanne Myers aimed at the YA market. The tranquil and picturesque resort of Stone Cove has been devastated by a hurricane. Among the volunteers helping to clean up is 17-year-old Eliza Elliot. When she is removing debris from the town’s most significant landmark – its lighthouse – she finds a letter. What she reads puts her smack dab in the middle of a mystery which the town had turned its back on. Three decades earlier, a young girl called Bess Linsky was murdered and, despite the best efforts of the police, the crime remained unsolved. The letter throws the case wide open again… Out now.
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The Man From Berlin smallThe Man From Berlin by Luke McCallin
It’s 1943 and German intelligence officer Gregor Reinhardt is in occupied Sarajevo. He’s called in to investigate when a Yugoslav woman – who is a propaganda filmmaker – is found butchered in a hotel next to the corpse of a high ranking German officer. As he tries to solve the crime, all manner of vested interests try work against him, including the Sarajevo civilian police, the German Feldgendarmerie, and the dreaded Croatian fascist movement, the Ustaše. The book is out on 27 November. Watch for our review soon.
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A Fugitive EnglishmanA Fugitive Englishman by Roy Lewis
In the dying days of the American Civil War, English lawyer Edwin James is forced to abandon his legal career after a series of personal disasters and decides to start all over again in America. Despite the presence of his young wife, he embarks on a ruinous affair with a glamorous actress. Attempting to salvage his wrecked career he agrees to work with a private detective agency investigating the activities of Fenian gangs in New York’s Five Point slum. On 14 April 1865, President Lincoln is assassinated in his theatre box, and his assassin, John Wilkes Booth, escapes. James joins forces with a former political activist Carlos Rudio as they attempt to hunt the man down. Published on 30 November.
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The Tomb In TurkeyThe Tomb in Turkey by Simon Brett
This is the 16th in the series called The Fethering Mysteries, and it’s perfect for lovers of cosy crime mysteries. Fethering resident Carole Seddon has reluctantly joined her friend Jude on a Turkish villa holiday. The villa is owned by Jude’s property developer friend Barney Willingdon. What was intended as a restful spell under a warm sun and a blue sky soon turns into something much more sinister when it becomes clear that Willingdon has a dubious history, both regarding his business dealings and his personal life. Malicious graffiti, an unpleasant scene in a restaurant and – finally – a dead body, culminate in Carole and Jude having to investigate the death. Published on 28 November.
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