Should I drink this strange brew?

brokenmonsters02First there was The Shining Girls. And to promote Lauren Beukes’ the time traveling serial killer novel HarperCollins sent out a ViewMaster unit with creepy imagery in the slides. Today an odd shaped package has arrived containing – among other things – a strange blue concoction. The question is, do I drink it?

brokenmonsters01It’s been sent out to promote Beukes’ upcoming release Broken Monsters, which is coming out on 31 July. The book features Gabi Versado, a Detroit homicide detective tracking a killer whose aim appears to be to create beauty out of flesh and bone. All this with the backdrop of a decaying Motor City.

Also accompanying the uncorrected proof of the book is a postcard signed by the author, inscribed ‘Sweet Dreams’. So, do I drink the blue liquid or will it give me dreams of butchered corpses arranged into post-industrial pieces of art? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

You can read our review of The Shining Girls here.

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