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Regular readers of Crime Fiction Lover will know that we like it when book publishers go that extra mile – for instance with a really well-designed cover, or a nice slipcase for a neatly printed book. This week, their PR machines have been a little more inventive than usual. Perhaps you can help us decipher some evidence that was sent in…

Our book-laden mailbag included in it a shiny black envelope. First impressions said: party invitation. However, inside there was an evidence bag sealed and marked ‘Sandra Tyler, Murder Investigation’. It’s signed DI S Corrigan. It looks authentic and is from the evidence recovery company Scenesafe, though the bag went out of date on 31 July 2012.


Inside it we found three photos.


You can see the photos below – we’ve scanned them in for you.


There’s this bulletin board, including a picture of a woman and what seems like her husband or boyfriend.


And maybe this is her front room. Nothing out of the ordinary, apart from that pink sofa perhaps.


Ah, finally, the crime scene. There’s a bit of a bloody mess under the victim’s head on the pillow, and it looks like her drawer might be full of weed. Along with the photos is the note you see below, sending us to where we can find out about Detective Sean Corrigan, who appears in the new book Cold Killing by Luke Delaney. You’ll find a video walkthrough of the crime scene which forms a trailer for the book, along with an excerpt to read and information on the author, who was a police detective himself. Cold Killing is his debut and was released yesterday.

Tomorrow we’ll bring you some evidence from the case of another mystery book…


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