Free books on Facebook in February – the wrap-up

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healerWe’re sending out a big brutally bludgeoned thank-you to everyone who took part in Crime Fiction Lover’s series of 28 draws on Facebook during February. Congratulations to our winners, and thank-you to everyone who Liked and Shared the books we posted on Facebook.

Going by entries, the most popular book up for grabs was The Healer by Antti Tuomainen, followed closely in second place by Pantheon by Sam Bourne.

We’ve tried to contact all the winners, but some of them haven’t got back to us. We even had one lady complain that she had entered every day and not won anything. However, when we checked she had actually won a book and must not have received our messages. So please do check below and/or in the comments under the posts for the draws that you entered to see if you were one of the chosen. We’ve put an asterisk * next to unclaimed prizes below.

The winners in Week four were:

22 Feb – The Chosen Dead by MR Hall – won by Vicki Macdonald
23 Feb – Capital Punishment by Robert Wilson – won by Janine Phillips
24 Feb – Western Approaches by Graham Hurley – won by Louise Lumsden
25 Feb – Phantom by Jo Nesbo – won by Claire Wilkinson
26 Feb – Capture by Roger Smith – won by Debbie Patrick*
27 Feb – The Healer by Antti Tuomainen – won by Janice Street*
28 Feb – Three Graves Full – won by Melanie Taylor (US)*

Week three
15 Feb – Shut Your Eyes Tight by John Verdon – won by Jules Griffiths
16 Feb – Sutton by JR Moehringer – won by Maggie Lloyd
17 Feb – Mercy by Jussi Adler-Olsen – won by Mick Mcgann*
18 Feb – The Impossible Dead by Ian Rankin – won by Lindsey Goodman
19 Feb – Pantheon by Sam Bourne – won by Karen Barrett
20 Feb – Blind Faith by CJ Lyons – won by Sarah Young Was Smith*
21 Feb – Hammett Unwritten – won by Chuck Barksdale (US)

Week two
8 Feb – All Fall Down by Voss and Edwards – won by Lucy Sampson and Mike Linane
9 Feb – Lady of the Shades by Darren Shan – won by Jackie Holland*
10 Feb – The Boy in the Snow by MJ McGrath – won by Tracey Walsh
11 Feb – I Hear the Sirens in the Street by Adrian McKinty – won by Jayne Horton*
12 Feb – The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter – won by Jirina Prochazkova
13 Feb – Never Apologise, Never Explain by James Craig – won by Kate Sabin-Burns
14 Feb – Skulduggery by Carolyn Hart – won by Daniel Ace (US)

Week one
1 Feb – The Abbey by Chris Culver – won by Julie Moore
2 Feb – The Bat by Jo Nesbo – won by Lyn Burchell*
3 Feb – Sebastian Bergman by Hjorth Rosenfeldt – won by Michael Chin
4 Feb – Ratlines by Stuart Neville – won by Carol Notman
5 Feb – Tequila Sunset by Sam Hawken – won by Cristina McDowall
6 Feb – The Dead Tracks by Tim Weaver – won by Fiona Miller*
7 Feb – False Negative by Joseph Koenig – won by Joseph Vincent (US)

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