Heretics on the path of the wicked

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On the Radar — This week’s book report has a distinctly historical flavour; we start our journey back in the 16th century, with intelligencer John Shakespeare embarking on his fifth investigation and the possible threat of another attempted Spanish invasion, before moving forward to the 19th century for a trio of mysteries for three very different sleuths. Our first takes to the American deep south and a missing person case that takes amateur sleuth Benjamin January to the heart of political power. Next up, private investigator Liberty Lane finds herself hunting a killer in the genteel streets of Cheltenham. We complete our tour in Victorian Edinburgh, where a card playing serial killer is causing problems for Detective Constable Faro.

heretics100The Heretics by Rory Clements
The year is 1595 and England may have withstood the threat of Philip II of Spain’s Armada, but the danger has not yet passed. Spanish galleys full of troops have landed on the Cornish coast in a lightning raid. Is it a possible second invasion attempt or something more sinister? As Shakespeare struggles to get to grips with the situation, one of his spies is brutally murdered. A young girl driven mad by exorcism and a group of priests held prisoner in Wisbech Castle may hold the key. The biggest question for Shakespeare is how much of a threat do all these events pose to the Queen herself? The Heretics is out on 28 February.
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Good Man Friday by Barbara Hamblyhambly100
New Orleans, 1838. When Benjamin January suddenly finds his services playing the piano at extravagant balls are no longer required, he finds himself drawn into a murky world of grave robbers and slave stealers, whilst on the hunt for a missing man in Washington. Good Man Friday is published by Severn House and is due to be released on 31 January.
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peacock100The Path of the Wicked by Caro Peacock
Cheltenham, July 1840. Private investigator, Liberty Lane is investigating the brutal murder of governess, Mary Marsh. Jack Picton, a known rebel and political agitator is suspected of the killing, but Liberty has her doubts, and they’re shared by the local magistrate. However, he is a man hiding secrets and as Liberty finds as she digs deeper, behind Cheltenham’s genteel façade, darker truths are lurking and a killer is hiding. The Path of the Wicked is out on 31 January.
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Murders Most Foul by Alanna Knightaknight100
The body of an unknown woman has been discovered and Detective Constable Faro is convinced that she is the victim of a random act of violence, until he finds a playing card – the nine of diamonds – underneath her body. Within days, a man is viciously attacked in the street and a nine of clubs is found in his pocket. Faro believes a serial killer may be at large but his superiors scoff at the suggestion. With DS Gosse busy framing suspect after suspect, Faro has more than enough problems to contend with. To make matters worse he’s not sure of his feelings for fiancée Lizzie, but then another servant from the same household goes missing. Could her disappearance be linked to the playing card killer? Murders Most Foul is set in 1865 Edinburgh and is available as a hardback and for Kindle from 28 January.
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