White Heat

Recommended by this site’s admin, CrimeFictionLover, White Heat received a five-star review and was his number one book of 2012. He wrote: “If you’ve not read it yet, allow hands-down winner White Heat to take you to a totally different environment, and into a new dimension in crime fiction. Edie Kiglatuk is an Inuit guide, helping visitors from more southerly climes negotiate their way around Ellesmere Island, the furthest point north in Canada. When one of her charges is shot and the mayor of the Inuit community up there wants to sweep it under the carpet, Edie is frustrated. Later another man disappears and Edie’s step-son dies after fleeing home in the middle of a storm, so she digs her heels into the ice and strives to work out exactly what’s going on. At times she’s assisted by Derek Palliser, a Cree policeman, at others by her trusty bear dog, and sometimes even by the spirits of her ancestors. White hot, like the title says.”

Read the full review here.

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