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On the radar – This week’s book report takes a look at four books that are due to arrive in our bookshops over the next few weeks. Kicking things off is a thriller with roots stretching back to the time of the Crusades, followed by the latest Crème De La Crime release from historical crime writer Paul Doherty with a case set during the reign of Richard II. Next there’s an American a thriller that’s set for its paperback release just in time for Christmas. Finally, we’re back in Europe and another paperback release…

The Templar’s Secret by CM Palov
The death of a pope and a shadowy satanic conspiracy that threatens to rock the very foundations of the Catholic church are the backdrop for Chloe Palov’s latest thriller. Cædmon Aisquith is a Templar expert and an ex-MI5 operative who finds himself on a mission to find a long lost gospel – the Evangelium Gaspar – when his daughter is kidnapped and her life threatened. He must grapple with esoteric symbols and cryptic clues. All the while trying to stay one step of the kidnappers, if he is to save her.
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The Straw Men by Paul Doherty
Fans of Doherty’s Brother Athelstan mysteries will be pleased to hear that the sleuthing monk is set to make a welcome return, just in time for Christmas, courtesy of the Severn House imprint Crème De La Crime. It’s 1381 and Brother Athelstan and Sir John Cranston have been invited to attend a mystery play performed by John of Gaunt’s personal acting troupe, The Straw Men. The evening is cut short when two of the other guests are found brutally murdered with their severed heads left on view on the stage. Athelstan and Sir John are ordered to find the culprit.
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The Devil Colony by James Rollins
Here we start with a gruesome massacre in the Rocky Mountains and bodies found positioned to form two strange symbols. To Painter Crowe, director of SIGMA, these symbols are painfully familiar and point to and even bigger threat. Crowe joins forces with Commander Grayson Pierce on a quest that will take them to the ruins of a cursed lost colony in order to unearth a hidden truth.
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Morgue Drawer for Rent by Jutta Profjit
Coroner Martin Gänsewein was hoping to have his nice quiet life back and get rid of his obnoxious undead sleuthing partner, Pascha. Unfortunately, fate is about to deal him a hand that means he has no choice but to work with Pascha again to find out who has been digging up bodies in the local cemetery and removing their organs. If he wants his life back, Martin must solve the case before the body count grows any bigger. It follows on from Morgue Drawer Next Door and is released on 4 December on Kindle.
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