Off the Record: the sequel

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Former Crime Fiction Lover contributor Luca Veste has teamed up with crime author Paul D Brazill to produce a sequel to last year’s short story compilation Off the Record. No prizes for guessing the title, but Off the Record 2: At the Movies does bring with it a change of theme. Whereas each writer penned a story inspired by a song title for the first book, for the second they’ve all started with a film in mind. While the stories cover a range of genres, crime is well represented and the book is introduced by author Chris Ewan.

Stav Sherez has written a tale inspired by Bringing up Baby, Nick Quatrill worked from Get Carter, Steve Mosby began with 9 Songs and Claire McGowan began her short story thinking about that crime classic The Postman Always Rings Twice. Meanwhile Luca Veste himself chose Goodfellas. Will Carver‘s story is only marginally longer than its title, as he chose for inspiration the film Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Sub-humanoid Zombified Living Dead Part 2 – in Shocking 2-D. Yes, there really is a film by that name.

As with Veste’s first volume, the anthology will benefit two children’s literacy charities – in the UK, National Literacy Trust; in the US, Children’s Literacy Initiative. The book is launched today, so grab a copy and support a worthy cause. It’s only £1.99 and contains work by 47 writers.

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