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Crime Fiction Lover has teamed up with new Swedish publisher Stockholm Text to bring you a great money-saving offer. Purchase one of Stockholm Text’s brand new books – either in paperback or ebook format – and the publisher will give you a second one absolutely free.

This is an exclusive offer and one we’re very pleased to bring you as we know many followers of our site enjoy Scandinavian crime fiction. The titles included in this offer are listed below. When you buy one from Amazon or another online bookseller all you need to do is forward your email receipt (or confirmation of purchase) to ebba.bandh[at] and state which other title you’d like to receive as your free book, and it’ll be sent to you. This offer ends on 15 June 2012.

Death of a Carpet Dealer by Karin Wahlberg
Wahlberg is known in Sweden for her highly literary approach, and for her characters Police Commissioner Claes Claesson and his doctor wife Veronika Lundborg. When a Swedish carpet dealer is brutally murdered on a trip to Turkey, the pair are sprung into action. Why was he killed, what does a long-lost daughter have to do with it, and what about an exclusive carpet?
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Killer’s Island by Anna Jansson
Fascinating and ancient folklore has a role to play in this one. Apparently the story of the White Sea-Lady has been around since the mythic time when the island rose out of the sea 3,000 years ago. She drowned on her wedding night and like a Siren lures sailors to their deaths in the sea. Now, Criminal Inspector Maria Wern is dealing with the case of a dead nurse found on display in Visby, dressed as a bride holding floers, just like the White Sea-Lady of myth. Why was she killed and what message is the killer sending.
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The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen
This author works with the same editors and publishing team that helped Stieg Larsson with his Millennium Trilogy, and The Gingerbread House is the first in her Hammarby series. After a series of bestial murders in central Stockholm, criminal investigator Conny Sjöberg must work out who’s responsible for the deaths and why they did it. It’s a book that explores themes like schoolyard bullying and, it’s said, follows in the tradition of Swedish crime fiction begun by Sjöwall and Wahlöö.
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The Dead of Summer by Mari Jungstedt
The Times has rated Mari Jungstedt as one of Scandinavia’s best crime writers and this is one of her Detective Anders Knutas novels. When two people are killed on a beach, on a remote northern island on the Baltic Sea, assistant commissioner Karin Jacobsson must take the case because Knutas is away. It’s a book that promises excruciating suspense and macabre acts of violence. Jungstedt has sold over two million books in Sweden alone. (Note: The Dead of Summer is only available to buy online if you live in the US, however it can be supplied as your free choice in eBook format if you live elsewhere.)
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Stockholm Text has numerous other Swedish crime titles on the way. These four, all by female authors, spearhead the company’s launch this year and their crime offering. Their aim is to bring Swedish crime fiction to the world and we think that’s a great idea. If you take advantage of this offer, please post your comments on your purchases below.


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