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Today only you can download The Ehrengraf Defense by Lawrence Block free on Amazon for your Kindle. The award-winning author is embracing the digital age and re-releasing many of his classics including the Ehrengraf series, which stars his legal eagle character Martin H Ehrengraf. He’s a lawyer who uses his investigative techniques (and more) to prove his clients are innocent. It’s legal-based crime fiction but very little takes place in the courtroom.

The Ehrengraf Defense is the first of 11 stories he began writing back in 1976, the remainder of which have all been released at the bargain price of £0.77 each in the UK and $0.99 in the US. However, if you like The Ehrengraf Defense, it might be a good idea to get all the books in one volume – entitled Ehrengraf for the Defense – at just £3.33 or $4.99. Use the links below to get your free Ehrengraf story, or to order the compilation.

(c) Karen SetoIn other news, it was recently announced that Liam Neeson will be playing the role of Matthew Scudder on the big screen. Scudder is probably Lawrence Block’s best known character, and is a fan favourite. A New York-based PI who’s always battling the bottle as well as various villains, he last appeared in A Drop of the Hard Stuff. Filming begins in February of the story A Walk Among the Tombstones with Scott Frank both writing the screenplay and directing the film.

“Ever since I saw him in Michael Collins, Liam Neeson has been up at the top of my personal Scudder wish list. I couldn’t be happier about either the star or the writer/director, both of them genuine artists and brilliant professionals. My book’s in good hands,” said Block.

US readers get The Ehrengraf Defense here.

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