Jo Nesbo update: Headhunters & Phantom

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You know that some of us here at Crime Fiction Lover can’t go for long without watching a show in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian… albeit with subtitles. So on our list of things to do will be a visit to the cinema on 6 April when the film version of Jo Nesbo’s Headhunters hits the big screen. The Norwegian writer is a former rock star with a real sense for the dramatic in his writing so it’s no surprise his work has been turned into a film.

By day main character Roger Brown, played by Aksel Hennie, headhunts executives for leading companies. At the same time he checks out their art collections. And by night he steals the paintings. After all his wife has expensive tastes. Then one day he’s hired by Clas Greve to headhunt a job candidate, and Greve has an extremely valuable piece that will set Brown up for life. But Greve isn’t going to be robbed so easily, and comes after Roger Brown with a vengeance. Check out the trailer and you’ll get the idea.

Back in September our writer R Thomas Brown gave Headhunters three stars in his review, but going by the trailer the film looks pretty intense. Plus, illogical as it may be, it’s always nice to watch Nordic Noir with subtitles. There have been some great ones in recent years such as the vampire flick Let the Right One In and Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. Headhunters the movie was produced by the same people who made The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, its sequels, and the TV show Wallander, so we’re expecting a cold, gritty and violent treatment of Nesbo’s story too.

Here on the CFL fjord, I’ve been getting into Jo Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole mystery which is entitled Phantom. It comes out on 15 March, and follows The Leopard and The Snowman. I’m cutting it fine but trying to get our review up in time so you can find out whether it’s any good or not before parting with your cash. So far it’s gripping stuff, with Hole returning to Oslo from abroad to investigate the shooting of a drug addict. The Russian mafia are out to get him and their assassin has brutal plans. And then there’s the case of a cokehead airline pilot who’s smuggling heroin into Norway and a crooked narcotics detective. Watch for our full review soon, or pre-order your copy below.

To keep up to date with details about the Headhunters movie, you can follow it on Twitter and Facebook. If you’ve read Headhunters, let us know what you thought about it below.

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