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It is our constant endeavour to continue improving Crime Fiction Lover. So, we’re pleased to make a couple of announcements this evening. Firstly, we’d like to introduce our new team member RoughJustice – aka Mike Parker – who I know is going to add to CFL’s expertise in the genre.

Mike’s real passion is for books in the pulp and noir areas of the genre was revealed to us via a few chats on Twitter and once we got a chance to see some of his writing it was only natural to invite him to join our merry band. Favourite writers of Rough Justice include Ross Macdonald, Peter Temple and Joe Lansdale. Outside of crime fiction, he enjoys music, movies and golf.

As if that good news wasn’t enough, we’ve also arranged a collaboration with Miles of the popular book blog Milo’s Rambles. Miles enjoys crime as well as other fiction genres and is going to drop by once a month a guest columnist here on Crime Fiction Lover. We’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with and which books he’ll be recommending.

Please join us in welcoming RoughJustice and Miles to the CFL team. Exciting times.

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