Welcome to NTN – New Talent November

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This month we’re trying something new on Crime Fiction Lover – we’re holding a themed event. The entire month has been dubbed New Talent November, or NTN for short, and that means we’ll be focusing on new crime fiction writers. Our aim is to bring you some gems to read by up and coming authors who you really should check out and our coverage will include reviews, recommendations and interviews with some of the hot new talent out there.

Because we also hope to bring you our regular mix of new release, news and features during the month, we’ve devised a simple logo that will go on each NTN story. In fact, it’s the logo you see right here. We’ll also prefix every headline falling under the New Talent November banner with the letters NTN.

What does ‘new talent’ mean? Well, we’ll be looking at authors who are making their debut or have released no more than one novel with one of the big publishing houses. It will also include some self-published writers and those working for independent publishing houses.

Of course, we hope to get some feedback from you as the month progresses, so feel free to comment whenever anything reminds you of something you’ve read, or you want to recommend other new writers that you’ve come across. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy New Talent November. Let us know if you like it and if the feedback is good, perhaps we can plan other special events in the future.

First up is Jacques Filippi’s review of 8 Pounds by Chris F Holm, which you can read right here.


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