Lynskey rolls the dice

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American noir author Ed Lynskey is back with a new novel. We reviewed his gritty backwoods tale Lake Charles not long after Crime Fiction Lover got started, and we’re looking forward to Ask the Dice, which is set in Washington DC.

In this book, the aging hitman Tommy Mack Zane is becoming disillusioned with the thrills and kills of contract work. Yes, he’s reaching middle-age. But then he’s framed for murdering the neice of DC crimelord Watson Ogg, and the one who was the hunter for so many years becomes the hunted. All he wants is a life filled with jazz and poetry, and for that solace he must fight.

With the help of his friends, it seems the only way out is to face up to a final showdown against the dark suits, and his old life as a bagman. We are in possession of the ebook and our trusted reviewer rthomasbrown is on the case. If you can’t wait for our verdict, pick up your copy on Amazon for £2.88, and be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below.

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