Look who’s writing for us III

Having recruited talented book reviewers in the UK, Canada and the United States, in a territorial swoop reminiscent of the board game Risk, we can now announce our first southern hemisphere contributor. We’re pleased to welcome Andrew Nette – based in Australia – to the Crime Fiction Lover team.

We found our new recruit via Twitter and checked out the Pulp Curry website he runs. Its strapline is ‘crime, hard-boiled and curried’ which is definitely the kind of thing that catches our attention. And with its great rundown on crime novels and films from Australia and the Austral-Asia region, we decided to invite the site’s maker to join us. Turns out he’s also an editor with Crime Factory, and writes his own short crime stories. One appeared in New Pulp earlier this year, and there are more on the way.

Andrew has worked as a journalist in Australia and South East Asia, and today handles communications and social media for the union representing university staff in his country. Visit Pulp Curry here and watch out for our new writer’s debut piece on Australia’s up and coming crime fiction writers as part of our New Talent November month here on Crime Fiction Lover.

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