Mark Billingham’s Good as Dead released

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Not sure how the front door at CFL HQ is still intact, because today the postman put Mark Billingham’s portly new hardback through the letter slot for us. Released today, it’s a new DI Thorne story – the first since the character was introduced in the Sky1 TV series which attracted 2.9million viewers. That was broadcast last autumn with David Morrissey playing Thorne.

We’ve not delved into Good as Dead yet but the press release for the book reveals that things kick off when police officer Helen Weeks walks into a newsagents and is taken hostage by a mad gunman. He’s mad as in angry, but probably crazy too, because his son died in youth custody – a case Thorne is familiar with. The death toll mounts as Thorne strives to bring the killer to justice.

Meanwhile, I am admiring this hardcover book with its lovely embossed red and white lettering, with a little silver block foil thrown in on both the front and back of the jacket. The words Good As are in silver, which you can’t tell from the image we have here. There’s a discount on the hardcover almost as crazy as the gunman in the story available on Amazon at the moment. The RRP of £16.99 has been cut to just £7.64. It’s cheaper than the Kindle version at £8.79 – what’s that about? Click the link below to get your hands on the lovely hardback! Or wait for our review – coming soon – before making your decision.

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