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The Exiled

The crunch of ice under boot, and the hard, grey streets of Finland are left behind in the latest Anna Fekete story by Kati Hiekkapelto. The author takes her heroine back to the place of her birth, a Hungarian town but in contemporary Serbia. Anna just…
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Top 10 Nordic noir novels of 2016

Here at Crime Fiction Lover we review a lot of Scandinavian crime fiction, and our coverage of characters like Detective Erlendur, Harry Hole and Konrad Sejer seems to bring an endless stream of new readers to our site. So this year we decided to bring you…
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The Finnish double-punch

On the Radar — In a move reminiscent of a terrifying 1980s pro wrestling move, Orenda Books is landing a Finnish double-punch on us this week with two knockout Nordic noir novels. We’ve practiced our pronunciations, and we can assure you that both Kati Kiekkapelto and Antti…
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