So Nude, So Dead

Written by Ed McBain — Ed McBain, who died in 2005, had considerable success under a variety of pen names before he hit literary gold dust with his 87th Precinct novels. Before he began writing about detectives Steve Carella, Meyer Meyer and others, McBain wrote children’s books, an expose…
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Victoria Iphigenia... sounds good

On the Radar — Chicago investigator VI Warshawski has the two most beautiful and mellifluous forenames in the history of crime fiction but as her countless fans know she is tough as teak. She returns this week in Brush Back. We also offer a detective who…
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First look: So Nude, So Dead

What do you think of this front cover, painted by Greg Manchess? The artist is one of the finest when it comes to recreating that old school pulp style, and as he’s explained the odd viewing angle enabled him to strategically position a lightbulb to,…
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