Night Blind

Written by Michael W Sherer — On the banks of the River Seine, a priest meets with a discredited French government agent, and hands him a document. Seconds later, the holy man is thrown over the embankment into the swirling waters, his throat cut. Meanwhile,…
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Written by Rudy Yuly — In a luxurious house in the hills above Seattle, Assistant DA Silver, his wife and their six-year-old daughter Lucy are found brutally beaten to death. Detective George Louis and his partner Pinky Bjorgesen are assigned the case. Once the forensic…
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Written by Jennifer Hillier — Debut or not, Creep is an impressive crime thriller that’s easy to read and gripping. The story is centred on Dr Sheila Tao. A psychology professor at a major university in Seattle, she seems to have everything going for her…
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