Stephen King's Joyland & the popcorn girls

Hard Case Crime and Titan Books are getting right behind the print launch of Stephen King’s upcoming pulp crime release, Joyland. To promote the book, the publishers have assembled a troupe of ‘Hollywood Girls’ who’ll be appearing in the green outfits worn by the covergirl…
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Web of the City

Written by Harlan Ellison — Hard Case Crime is back on the re-issue beat, this time with Ellison’s debut, written whilst he finished his Army training and first published in 1958. To add value, the publisher has given the book another great cover by Glen…
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Interview: Ariel S Winter

Ariel S Winter’s first novel The Twenty-Year Death is bound to appeal to fans of the mid-20th century noir and hardboiled crime fiction we often cover on the site. Formerly a librarian, a bookseller and even a pie man, he’s now the published author he…
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