RoughJustice: Top five books of 2017

2017 has been another great year for crime fiction. Domestic noir has taken something of a back seat at last, and while no particular sub-genre has dominated, the year has seen formidable efforts from some of crime fiction biggest hitters. While they didn’t quite make…
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Prussian Blue

Written by Philip Kerr – If you’ve tried your hand at art, you might know that Prussian Blue is a dark pigment used in paints. You are probably less likely to know it is also the medical antidote to poisoning from certain heavy metals, including thallium….
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Have faith, get Faithless

On the Radar — Every Thursday, without fail, our team brings you new crime books to consider and this week we’ve got a fine set for you. Our first stop is Oslo, for a new detective story called Faithless featuring Frank Frølich. We’ve also got…
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