The List by Michael Brissenden

Australia’s terror watch list is getting shorter and shorter. Someone is taking them out one by one. A single shot to the head, professionally done, and their right hands removed post-mortem. Someone on the inside is getting rid of these home-grown jihadis, and doing so…
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NTN: Chris Culver interviewed

The Abbey by Chris Culver is one of those astounding ebooks that, very once in a while, sneeks up on the publishing world, taps it on the shoulder, and says, ‘I can do this myself.’  First released via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service in 2011,…
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The Abbey

Written by Chris Culver — When I heard that this self-published debut ebook became an Amazon bestseller and then made the New York Times bestseller list too, I have to admit I was curious to read it. As with indie film-makers, I’ve always believed in…
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