OJ's Knife by John Gibson

OJ’s Knife is a fast-paced and entertaining speculative pulp novel in the Mickey Judge series. It’s based on a fictional hunt for the weapon that killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1994, crimes for which Nicole’s husband, the American Football legend and film…
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NTN: Jukebox by Saira Viola

Written by Saira Viola – The inter-connected worlds of media, celebrity and good old-fashioned London gangsters are all ripe for humorous treatment in a crime novel, which is exactly what new author Saira Viola does with Jukebox. A freewheeling, darkly humorous exposé of the city’s…
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Wylding Hall by Elizabeth Hand

Having received 5-star reviews on CFL for her crime novels featuring rock photographer and noir anti-hero Cass Neary, a new release from US author Elizabeth Hand is always worth investigating. Wylding Hall also features photography as part of its plot, while music is integral to…
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