Interview: Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley is the internationally acclaimed author of poetry, plays, essays and, most importantly to us, crime fiction. He was born in California in 1952 to an African-American father from Louisiana, and a mother of Russian Jewish extraction. It was his mother who inspired him…
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Little Green

Written by Walter Mosley — At the end of the 2007 novel Blonde Faith, the battle-scarred and world-weary Ezekiel ‘Easy’ Rawlins plunged to almost certain death as his car went over a cliff. After 11 books, the first being set in 1948, Easy Rawlins fans…
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Lucy in the sky with Rawlins

On the radar — Yes, Easy Rawlins is back, from that master of LA crime fiction Walter Mosley, and this time the story even involves an acid trip. But that’s not all, among the new books this week is one about the case of a hot…
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