Bones Are Forever

Written by Kathy Reichs — Forensic anthropologist Dr Kathy Reichs knows all there is to know about crime scenes. Thankfully, as an author, she is top of her game too. Reichs’ books always hit the heights of the best seller lists – and on the…
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Spider Bones AKA Mortal Remains

Written by Kathy Reichs — The books Spider Bones and Mortal Remains are one and the same book albeit with different titles, much to the confusion and irritation of some Reichs fans. Dr Temperance Brennan in common with her creator Kathy Reichs is an experienced…
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New festival: Quebecrime

With two Canadians in our team, here’s some news we like. From 28-30 October, the city of Quebec will see the first Quebecrime Festival held at the Morrin Cultural Centre. The event will include readings, panel discussions and book signings by a range of top…
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